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What is Managed for Mimi?

Managed for Mimi is the affordable, risk-free and easy turnkey solution for your brand’s content marketing needs. With personal attention from our skilled email marketing and brand blogging maestros, Managed for Mimi is available in a variety of managed service subscription plans to suit your budget and promotional strategies.

Who Uses Managed for Mimi?

Managed for Mimi launched in the summer of 2011 as a partnership between the Mad Mimi® email newsletter platform and the Action Packed Media inbound marketing content team. Today, Managed for Mimi operates as an independent organization, in alliance with Mad Mimi®, but fully under the auspices of Action Packed Media.

The brands that have enjoyed service under the Managed for Mimi framework to date have been numerous and varied. While our emphasis is on small ecommerce retailers and wholesalers, we’ve also created top-performing content for non-profit organizations, consultancies and even business-to-business service providers like ourselves!

Here are some examples of email promotions created by the Managed for Mimi team since we launched:

Is this Service Right for Me?

Do you want in on the impact that inbound marketing generates, but you aren’t sure how to best ride the wave? We’ve got you covered. You can keep your message simple, engaging, clean and upbeat – it’s the Mimi way.

Your site’s newsletter subscription form is continually compiling a list of relevant recipients for your message. You might have even set yourself up with an account on an email marketing platform like Mad Mimi®, as well as an integrated section of your site for branded content. But with all of the attention that you need to give to updating the homepage, managing your Google AdWords account and making sure order fulfillment is going smoothly, how can you expect to prepare awesome promotional content on your own? A familiar challenge? Managed for Mimi could be a great match.

Don’t have a Mad Mimi® account yet? Click here to open one in minutes. There’s even a free option!

How Managed for Mimi Works

How Much Does Managed for Mimi Cost?




Price for 1 minute



Per Month

Get 2 Email Promotions Per Month.
Phone Consultations Upon Signup and Annually.



Per Month

Get 2 Email Promotions Plus 2 Blog Posts Per Month.
Monthly Phone Consultations.
Best Value!



Per Month

Get 4 Email Promotions Plus 3 Blog Posts Per Month.
Monthly Phone Consultations.

Platinum Plus


Per Month

Get 4 Email Promotions Plus 5 Blog Posts Per Month.
Weekly Conference Calls.

Service Loaded with Mimi-Worthy Features


All of our service plans start with branded graphics at no extra cost. We’ll create a custom promotion theme for you, with an original header banner, as part of your Managed for Mimi subscription initiation, and we’ll offer you a free redesign once every year.


Killer Content

Today, marketing is all about creating branded messages that provide value, engagement and transparency – with color and voice. We’ve been doing it well for big brands since social marketing was born, and now we want to do it for you.

Embedded Service

We don’t just work well with Mad Mimi’s email marketing tools. We eat, breathe and sleep in the toolbox. No tricky template importing, no setup of credentials, no nonsense. We build your email promotions within your Mimi account, and your blog posts will arrive optimized for CMS importing.


We’ll always reply to your emails and phone calls within one business day. Plus, we’re just down the virtual hallway from the acclaimed Mad Mimi Support team, so all of your queries are addressed thoroughly and expediently, even when we’re offline.


Autopilot is the enemy of content marketing engagement, so we make sure to keep things fresh for you, available for regular, in-depth brainstorming sessions and strategy consultations via phone or email – whatever’s best for you.


All service plans come with free subscriptions to the Managed for Mimi newsletter, so if you’re wondering what the latest is with content marketing trends, with small business branded engagement successes, or with our team, just check your inbox.

You’re the Boss

Not Tony, not Angela, and certainly not your Managed for Mimi content maestro. No item of Managed for Mimi-generated content goes into production until its concept is sufficiently fleshed out and explicitly approved. We bring the ideas, but we don’t run with anything until we earn your green light.

Zero Obligation

After paying the non-refundable initial setup fee of $99, get started with a half-hour content marketing strategy consultation with one of our content maestros via phone. We won’t start billing you for your service subscription until you approve a content concept for production.

Zero Risk

Following the initial setup fee, we won’t bill you again until we start putting in serious time on producing your content. Plus, you can opt out at any time, and if you feel like we haven’t delivered the goods as promised, refunds are easy (see details here).

Opting Out

Ending your service subscription with Managed for Mimi is easy. Just let your content maestro know, and it’s as good as done – we’ll stop billing you and working on your materials immediately. We’re that confident that you’ll enjoy the value of our service.

Easy Refunds

If we don’t create content for you in a manner that matches what you’ve discussed with your Managed for Mimi content maestro, we’ll refund your subscriptions fees, with no questions asked. Just let us know within two weeks that you feel that you’re not getting what you approved, and we’ll give you your money back (see details here).

Easy Payments

Never worry about unpredictable bills. We won’t sneak in any extra fees or fancy billing arrangements. With our secure subscription billing system, you’ll always be billed the same amount of money on the same day of every month, until you make a service level change or opt out.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Who are you guys exactly?

Managed for Mimi is a collaboration between Mad Mimi® and Action Packed Media, a boutique managed service and inbound marketing agency. Since 2006, Action Packed Media has been providing community engagement, content and new media marketing strategy consulting services to brands like MTV, Zagat, The Daily and National Geographic. We’re a remote team made up of professional content marketers who thrive on branded storytelling.

Why shouldn’t I write my content myself?

If you’ve got the skills and the time, then you probably should! No one is closer to your brand’s content marketing opportunities than you are. But if maintaining the flow of regular engagement proves to be a challenge, or if you’re not so confident in your writing abilities, we’re here, and we’re ready to crush it. Just say the word.

What type of payments do you accept, and when will I be billed?

We accept Visa and MasterCard. After you sign up for a Managed for Mimi service plan and plunk down a $99 initial setup fee, you’ll have a half-hour phone consult with one of our content maestros. Within days, once you’ve approved a content concept, we’ll get to work on some original materials for you, and that’s when our secure system begins billing you for your service subscription.

Can I change plans? Do I have to sign a long-term contract? When can I opt out?

Looking for more content marketing activity over the holidays? Hoping to take some time off over the summer? You can change plans at any time. And we don’t work with long-term contracts, so if it no longer suits your needs, you are welcome to end your service subscription at any time – just let your content maestro know. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we’ll get over it eventually.

How can I reach you once we get started? Do you have customer support?

And how! Your Managed for Mimi personal content maestro will always respond to your email queries within one business day, and our buddies at the Mad Mimi Support team, who answer emails within minutes 24/7, are always kept in the loop on what we’re working on. Hoping for an even quicker response? You can also call us at (617) 600-8636, and if we can’t answer, we’ll make sure to call you back as soon as possible.

What can I expect in terms of ROI? What can I do to help maximize impact?

Our clients find that when they start working with us, their content is significantly viewed more, shared more and clicked on more. When you engage effectively, you’re putting your brand in the best possible position to succeed. Coordination is key to what we do, so you can help us to make your content as compelling as possible by looping us in on anything timely or new going on in your world. If you read up on the trends and issues that matter to your audience, go on and share with your content maestro, as these items can often yield awesome marketing content.

Which Plan is Best for Me?


Content Items Per Month

In Depth Phone Consultations

Unlimited Access to Support


Managed for Mimi Newsletter

No Obligation and Easy Refunds



Per Month

2 Email Promotions




Per Month

2 Email Promotions + 2 Blog Posts




Per Month

4 Email Promotions + 3 Blog Posts


Platinum Plus


Per Month

4 Email Promotions + 5 Blog Posts


Anything you want clarified? Looking for advice? Hoping we can put together a proposal for you that differs from our standard service plans? By all means - don't hold back.

Contact us!

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