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Five steps to email marketing success

Your customers are listening. Make sure you are being heard.

Listen to your customers!Competition is tough. Everyone is looking for that edge to convert potential clients into loyal customers. Email marketing (when done right) is a great way to draw in the casual window shopper. At Managed For Mimi, we’ve got email marketing awesomeness down to a science. If you are looking to blow the competition out of the water, follow our 5 steps and make it happen.

1. Find your voice

This is easier than it sounds. Thinking about your brand, read through your emails and other marketing materials. Do you aim to be professional or playful? Fastidious or frivolous? Speak to your customers in a way that they understand.

2. Know your customers

There is a lot of clever advertising out there, but clever advertising accomplishes nothing if the people receiving it aren’t interested in the product. Make sure that you know who you are sending your email marketing to and your emails will find much better reception.

3. It’s all about content

Don’t fall into a routine with your email marketing. Keep it fresh with engaging topics, great photos and awesome video content. You already stay on top of your industry. Have fun creating the content and people will enjoy it.

4. Tug on those heart strings

Whether you are aiming to inspire, drive them to tears, or crack them up with fits of laughter, swing for the fences. Create a response from your readers and they will come back, and be excited to do so.

5. Know where your customers hang out

Everyone is busy. You have a thousand things to do and your customers and clients do too. Make it effortless for them to find your content. Send email to your list, but be sure to cross-pollinate. Offer content on your blog, on a newsfeed using RSS, on Twitter, and on Tumblr. Be everywhere.

All of your emails should be thoughtful. Whenever you are working up new content, consider our five simple steps. It will help you to keep your voice fresh, your content interesting, and your customers (and potential customers) engaged. And if you find yourself in need of that extra boost, get in touch with us at Managed For Mimi. We’re here to help you out.

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