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Harry Rubenstein has been living and breathing web content since he joined his first startup in 1999. Harry serves as Product Director of Managed for Mimi and Co-Director of its parent organization Action Packed Media.

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Harnessing the power of mobile for content marketing on all screens

Nowadays, everyone seems to be all worked up about marketing via mobile devices. We’re spending more and more time digesting messages via our portable gadgets, which are in turn becoming more and more powerful, so this is the logical next frontier for content marketing.

Sure, there’s plenty of talk about potential solutions for agile SMS marketing, app-based marketing and the like, but those initiatives are in their infancy. The fact is, smartphones have already taken over the cellphone market, which means that today people are emailing and browsing the web on devices that don’t have the display and processing capabilities found in computers.

Over a quarter of all emails are already opened via tablets and smartphones. So if your email marketing and article marketing is not optimized for mobile displays, you’re missing out on big opportunities. It’s that simple.

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Get to know Mad Mimi’s email metrics modules

The good folks at Mad Mimi designed their site to help you succeed. One great resource is the statistics module. You should use your stats to fine-tune your campaigns — from the way you collect emails, to segmenting your lists, to increasing your social network shares.

Email metrics is a huge topic, and this email is the first in a series. If you are a statistics newbie today, we’ll make you into an expert by the time we’re done.

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How to use inbound marketing as a tool for brand loyalty

Do you have a smartphone? What brand? Is it the first phone you’ve bought from that company? For those of you who are on, say, your fourth (or fifth?) iPhone, you are holding in your hand a case study in brand loyalty.

What is it about Apple that keeps you coming back over and over? What inspires brand loyalty – and can it be bottled?

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Keep ‘em clicking

You’ve launched your email marketing campaign. You have your strategies and goals, your sign-up form is perfect, and your list is growing. Be sure to take a look at your statistics. Are your readers opening your emails? We’ll let you in on a few trade secrets that we use at Managed for Mimi.

Many businesses find that new subscribers open email at a higher rate than longer-term subscribers. New subscribers have recently signed up and are simply more excited to see what you have to offer. However, new subscribers are also more likely to unsubscribe. Keep them on your list and more importantly, keep them interested. Keep them opening your emails by providing incentives to click – as in, content that’s actually valuable, or special offers. Must most importantly, put yourselves in their shoes and take a look at what they’re seeing.

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Ensure your email marketing strategy is primed to succeed

Email marketing is fairly simple, right? A blurb, a photo, a clever quote and then, BAM, customers! Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. It takes some careful planning to execute a great email marketing campaign. At Managed for Mimi, we start with these three fundamental steps in our pursuit of email marketing awesomeness. Follow our lead, and you’ll be well on your way to building your strategy.

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