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Brand blogging is alive and well, offering unparalleled impact

The pros report that corporate blogs generate increased leads and social network activity – and higher returns

The reports of brand blogging’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the research indicating that Fortune 500 and other fast growing companies are less involved with corporate blogging than they used to be, there is a mountain of evidence indicating that blogging remains a potent online branding tool for small and medium companies that are agile and dynamic.

WordpressHubSpot conducted a survey of almost 1000 professionals about their companies’ marketing strategies and practices. They compiled their findings into a highly compelling report about today’s inbound marketing activity that underlines, among other things, that your brand should be blogging. When we look at the right segments of the marketing industry, we can see that blogging is still going strong, if not growing, and that blogging does yield business. Here are the key takeaways, as we see them.

The pros love blogging

• 81% of the survey’s respondents indicated that they see blogging as critical, useful or important, a higher percentage than any other marketing channel, and a higher score than blogging got in the same survey back in 2009.

• More than twice as many respondents viewed blogging as critical as the number that viewed Twitter as critical. Sure, Twitter has its strengths; it just might not be generating as many leads.

Blogging gives an advantage to small and medium businesses


• Small and medium companies spend four times as much as larger companies when we compare the percentages of overall marketing budgets that go towards brand blogging. The big fish aren’t getting in the pond as aggressively as they’re doing other things, leaving a lot more swimming room for the little fish.

• Larger companies are more likely to rely on outbound marketing tactics and traditional media buys than smaller companies are. As a result, smaller companies have an opportunity to make a bigger splash in the blogosphere, thereby reaping more of the benefits of blogging.

More leads means higher returns

• Significantly more respondents cited blogging as a generator of low-cost business leads than any other marketing activity, even more than social network branding activity.

7114619695_412776dd44_z• The professionals recorded a strong correlation between the frequency of posting and the volume sales leads generated directly by blogs. So post early, and post often.

• Blogging regularly makes the volume of resulting sales leads shoot up on a monthly basis, with companies in the b2b sector noticing a 67 percent increase in median monthly leads, and companies in the b2c sector noticing a whopping 88 percent increase in median monthly leads.

• Retailers are obtaining 18% more leads from blogging in 2012 than they did just a year ago, which makes the ROI on blogs the marketing channel with the most rapidly growing yield for retailers.

Blogs offer the best ROI for lead generation. Plain and simple, if you leave blogging out of your marketing strategy, you are leaving money on the table. There are plenty of reasons why the pros are so gung-ho on blogging (click here to check out a handy list that we recently published). If anyone tells you that blogging has gone the way of the phone booth and the telegraph, you can just nod, knowing that corporate blogs are not only alive and well, but thriving.

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