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3 blogging principles for content marketing mastery

Let’s take a realistic look at some blogging musts that can help you to increase your readership and boost the value of your brand. Brand blogging is easy, right? Just write, post, and go viral! If it were only so simple. The harsh reality is that quality blogging for content marketing takes a lot of [...]

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Why branding with an official blog is a must

When used right, corporate blogs are tools that can yield huge impact. It can be argued that all digital marketing tactics are essentially employed with specific goals in mind: to increase visibility online, to promote brand awareness among the general public and to capture sales leads.

And it can be argued that no inbound marketing activity offers a higher yield in these regards as brand blogging.

Yes, it’s true that many brands don’t have the expertise, prioritized resources, sustainable creativity or dedication to market themselves effectively via articles over time. But that just makes for opportunities that the rest of us can make the most of! Here’s why.

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Brand blogging is alive and well, offering unparalleled impact

The reports of brand blogging’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the research indicating that Fortune 500 and other fast growing companies are less involved with corporate blogging than they used to be, there is a mountain of evidence indicating that blogging remains a potent online branding tool for small and medium companies that are agile and dynamic.

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Write great subject lines

Every email that lands in your inbox passes through the black box that is your spam filter. You’ve probably noticed over the years that less and less spam gets into your inbox. That’s because spam filters have gotten more aggressive at stopping the junk from getting through. But occasionally, “real” emails get caught by the filter too. But even once an email is sitting there, ready to be noticed and read, subscribers might or might not take note, which is why setting the right tone for engagement is so important.

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Ensure your email marketing strategy is primed to succeed

Email marketing is fairly simple, right? A blurb, a photo, a clever quote and then, BAM, customers! Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. It takes some careful planning to execute a great email marketing campaign. At Managed for Mimi, we start with these three fundamental steps in our pursuit of email marketing awesomeness. Follow our lead, and you’ll be well on your way to building your strategy.

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Five steps to email marketing success

Listen to your customers!

Competition is tough. Everyone is looking for that edge to convert potential clients into loyal customers. Email marketing (when done right) is a great way to draw in the casual window shopper. At Managed For Mimi, we’ve got email marketing awesomeness down to a science. If you are looking to blow the competition out of the water, follow our 5 steps and make it happen.

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