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Get to know Mad Mimi’s email metrics modules

dudeThe good folks at Mad Mimi designed their site to help you succeed. One great resource is the statistics module. You should use your stats to fine-tune your campaigns — from the way you collect emails, to segmenting your lists, to increasing your social network shares.

Email metrics is a huge topic, and this email is the first in a series. If you are a statistics newbie today, we’ll make you into an expert by the time we’re done.

Nuts and Bolts

In your Mad Mimi dashboard, in the shaded box dedicated to each email promotion is a quick overview of the metrics for that email. To view more specific information about each item from the overview, click “Stats” (yellow arrow below). Be sure to hit the refresh button, because Mimi doesn’t always update the stats after each send.


Bounce Rate

Sure, sure, everybody knows that a bounce (pink arrow above) is when an email doesn’t get delivered to the intended sender. But Mad Mimi drills deeper than that. You can see your bounces broken down as follows:

• Hard Bounce – email addresses that are totally unknown, obsolete, incorrect and will never be delivered to the recipient.

• Soft Bounce – email accounts that often have full mailboxes, their domain is temporarily down, or they’re otherwise currently not able to receive email.

• General Bounce – commonly happens when a firewall prevents someone from receiving email from outside their network.

By the way, Mimi re-sends Soft and General Bounces until they are sure that they won’t get through.

Emails Opened and Click-Through Rate

Mimi refers to this collectively as “Engagement” (blue arrow above). In the stats module, you’ll see the list of addresses that opened your email. Above that, you’ll see each link in your email and how many people clicked through to that link. Are your readers clicking on the links you want them clicking on?


Compare Your Campaigns

Are you seeing a big change in engagement from one campaign to the next? You can compare stats to help you determine what is clicking with your audience. Check the campaigns you want to compare in the column on the right (orange arrow above).

Then click the “Compare” button (green arrow above) to bring up a bar graph that shows you engagement, social shares, bounces, and unsubscribes for each email, side-by-side. You can see the raw numbers or the percentages. It is a pretty handy feature if you want to see what topics your audience is interested in, or what topics they’re sharing on their Twitter or Facebook.


But wait – there’s more!

There’s a lot to cover with Mimi’s stats module. It’s not just about sending out emails – it’s about understanding your audience and giving them what they want, engaging them, and getting them to click through to your website.

Coming up, we’ll get into integrating Google Analytics with Mad Mimi and how your metrics can inform your email strategy and broader marketing concerns.

Photo courtesy of flickr user puuikibeach under Creative Commons licenses.

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