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Keep ‘em clicking

Don’t let your list fall victim to the dreaded “honeymoon effect”

You’ve launched your email marketing campaign. You have your strategies and goals, your sign-up form is perfect, and your list is growing. Be sure to take a look at your statistics. Are your readers opening your emails? We’ll let you in on a few trade secrets that we use at Managed for Mimi.

6275052019_3841722c31_nMany businesses find that new subscribers open email at a higher rate than longer-term subscribers. New subscribers have recently signed up and are simply more excited to see what you have to offer.

However, new subscribers are also more likely to unsubscribe. Keep them on your list and more importantly, keep them interested. Keep them opening your emails by providing incentives to click – as in, content that’s actually valuable, or special offers. Must most importantly, put yourselves in their shoes and take a look at what they’re seeing.

The first thing your readers will see is the sender’s name

Make sure your email shows up in the inbox with a meaningful name, not just as Use either the business name or the name of a known employee. We’ve seen emails show up in our inbox from “do not reply.” Might as well say “do not open.”

The second thing is the subject line

Your readers are smart, so don’t be spammy or it won’t get past them, let alone their email spam filter. Be brief, be actionable, and use keywords. Pique their curiosity and create a sense of timeliness. Ask a question, or say something provocative or otherwise eyebrow-raising. This is an art, so it can be effective to experiment over time with a variety of possible subject lines for deliverability and open rates.

Be consistent with timing

Send your emails on the same day of the week, or at the same time of day. Your readers will come to expect your email, and it makes you look like the pro you are.


Keep your readers clicking, and stave off the honeymoon effect

They have opted in because they are looking for something. Provide value to your readers, and they will provide value to your business. After all, social marketing is all about building a two-way relationship.

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