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Newsletters and blog content – a match made in heaven

When managed with synergy potential in mind, brand blogs and marketing emails can work together to generate and nurture business leads for awesome results.

Blogs and e-newsletters are both essential components to branding online. But when put together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the potential is virtually limitless.

perfect fitAs search ranking builders and as inbound link bait, regularly maintained blogs represent the ultimate way to build trust and generate lucrative interest in your brand. A visit to your blog allows prospective customers to gain a sense of what issues are addressed by your brand’s realm and what your brand’s voice conveys in terms of attitude. From there, if you’ve done your job effectively, visitors will subscribe to email and RSS updates from you, or will engage with your social media presences. The right initial touch means converting curious visitors into participants in your sales funnel.

Of course, blogs allow you to maintain high levels of control over the inviting, richly branded experience surrounding your messaging, so you can optimize for converting the curious through customizable layouts, widgets and calls to action. Conversion-oriented landing pages are great, but only for audience members who are hot to take action – more often, blog content is the way to go.

If blogs are the hubs for your online marketing plan, email has the integral role of pointing traffic back to your hosted pages, and nurturing relationships along the way. By nature an asynchronous medium, email stays in subscribers’ inboxes until they do something about it. Remember that newsletter subscribers have chosen to receive your emails, so they’re pre-selected to be likely to click on and share your content.

Email also wins the award for user diversity. Sharing content and clicking on links are behaviors familiar and comfortable for people of all generations and levels of online fluency. For a number of customers, email represents the gateway to other digital channels, including blogs.

So inviting users to check out blog content through email increases the odds that customers will read and act upon key information. After all, loyal, steady traffic to a dynamic, regularly updated blog that actually offers value to its readers puts you in the best possible position for success.

At its core, content marketing is about establishing expertise by enthusiastically giving away niche wisdom, but depending on what type of brand you’re marketing, email newsletters can often be far more sales oriented than content oriented, so understanding how these two styles feed one another via different channels is key to understanding how to be effective with the blog-newsletter combination.

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