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Write great subject lines

Every email that lands in your inbox passes through the black box that is your spam filter. You’ve probably noticed over the years that less and less spam gets into your inbox. That’s because spam filters have gotten more aggressive at stopping the junk from getting through. But occasionally, “real” emails get caught by the filter too. But even once an email is sitting there, ready to be noticed and read, subscribers might or might not take note, which is why setting the right tone for engagement is so important.

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Keep ‘em clicking

You’ve launched your email marketing campaign. You have your strategies and goals, your sign-up form is perfect, and your list is growing. Be sure to take a look at your statistics. Are your readers opening your emails? We’ll let you in on a few trade secrets that we use at Managed for Mimi.

Many businesses find that new subscribers open email at a higher rate than longer-term subscribers. New subscribers have recently signed up and are simply more excited to see what you have to offer. However, new subscribers are also more likely to unsubscribe. Keep them on your list and more importantly, keep them interested. Keep them opening your emails by providing incentives to click – as in, content that’s actually valuable, or special offers. Must most importantly, put yourselves in their shoes and take a look at what they’re seeing.

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Ensure your email marketing strategy is primed to succeed

Email marketing is fairly simple, right? A blurb, a photo, a clever quote and then, BAM, customers! Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. It takes some careful planning to execute a great email marketing campaign. At Managed for Mimi, we start with these three fundamental steps in our pursuit of email marketing awesomeness. Follow our lead, and you’ll be well on your way to building your strategy.

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Five steps to email marketing success

Listen to your customers!

Competition is tough. Everyone is looking for that edge to convert potential clients into loyal customers. Email marketing (when done right) is a great way to draw in the casual window shopper. At Managed For Mimi, we’ve got email marketing awesomeness down to a science. If you are looking to blow the competition out of the water, follow our 5 steps and make it happen.

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Fitting email into the inbound marketing puzzle

Let’s say you’ve been heeding all of the expert advice out there, and you are wisely pursuing an inbound marketing strategy, finding your own a cost-effective ways to build brand awareness, generate leads and conduct direct sales. You have all the key pieces in place: Twitter, Facebook, a blog, a website and email marketing, which often takes the form of an e-newsletter.

You know what the end result looks like, whether you are selling a product, offering a service, or looking for donations to your cause. With so many pieces to the puzzle, how does email marketing work in tandem with everything else as a component of into your long-term strategy, during its various life cycle phases?

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